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30 Seconds to Mars

Concert took place: 22th June of 2014 r. Rybnik

30 Seconds To Mars will come to Rybnik !
A well-known American group 30 Seconds To Mars will come to Rybnik. The show will be held on 22nd June 2014 at MOSiR Stadium. Tickets in affordable prices from 135 PLN will be available from Monday, 16th December. Promoters of this show are Prestige MJM agency and the Municipal Council of Rybnik.
30 Seconds To Mars is one of the most popular rock bands in the world. In last years the group won almost all prestigious awards in music business. In voting done by “Rock on Request” magazine, the band was named Top Modern Rock Artist and Top Alternative Artist. The frontman – Jared Leto was named as Top Rock Frontman. Moreover, the group was rewarded as: Top Rock Video, Top Rock Song and Best International Band. 30 Seconds To Mars was also awarded as MTV Australia Video Music Awards, Kerrang! Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards.
We can say that the band has achieved a lot in rock music industry in very short time and it has been almost everything what was to get – says Janusz Stefanski from Prestige MJM agency that is a co-promoter of the show of 30 Seconds To Mars.

- It is next big rock star that will come to our city. In previous years, we managed to invite Bryan Adams. Then there was a huge show of Guns’n’Roses, a last year an incredible show of Rod Stewart. It is the next time when very popular artist comes to our city – adds Adam Fudali, the mayor of Rybnik City.
Lately, 30 Seconds To Mars visits Poland with pleasure. Their shows are very popular. This year, the group played on Impact Festival. Two years ago, the band played two show in Atlas Arena in Łodź. Next year, the show in Poland will be supported by promotion of their last album “Love Lust Faith + Dreams”. From the moment of releasing this album, it was one of the most popular record in Poland. Almost immediately it was awarded as Gold Record. Through many weeks it was one of the best selling albums in Poland.
The show of 30 Seconds To Mars will be held on 22nd June 2014 at MOSiR Stadium in Rybnik. Tickets will be available from Monday, 16th December from 10:00am. Tickets will be to purchase on www.imprezyprestige.com website, ebilet.pl website, eventim.pl website and Ticketpro.pl website. Tickets will be also available in chains of EMPIK, MEDIA MARKT and SATURN stores.
- Ticket process has been set on affordable level. For Golden Circle tickets they will have to pay 229 PLN. Then General Admission ticket will cost 135 PLN. Tickets on tribunes will cost 155 PLN. Tickets in these process will be available till 24th December. After this day, the prices will increase of 20 PLN – adds Marek Kurzawa from Prestige MJM agency. 

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